Melinda, a consortium of 4000 families

Discover who can produce over 400.000 tons of apples per year in the Noce Valleys (Non and Sole Valleys). Over 4000 partner-farmers, divided in 16 cooperatives, which all together form Melinda consortium. A consortium and not a Limited Company and not even to mention, a multinational company...

Our support to society and sports

Discover some of our social programs where we try to give a hand to needy people and exchange our gratitude to the territory that is making us grow. With this same passion, we also support sports: we have several ongoing sponsoring projects for our native athletes.

The BOD of Melinda, 16 people representing a community

The Presidents of the 16 fruit-farm cooperatives stand up for the entire community.

16 member cooperatives: meet them all, one by one

The fruit-farm cooperatives in the “D.O.P. Mela Val di Non” territory, each with its own personal identity.

History and tradition: apples and the Trentino region

Non and Sole Valleys: did you know that during the last century, thanks to the cultivation of exceptionally good apples, this region avoided depopulation due to poverty and emigration? This is the story of a great challenge won by an entire community.

Young people from Val di Non and their love for agriculture

Read the stories of a new generation of farmers from Trentino that invested all their enthusiasm to give new life to traditional apple farming, fully respecting the environment.

Women, the power of Melinda

Let’s listen to the words of the protagonists of the apple culture and agriculture in Trentino. Apple farming, production and family life.

Foreign pickers, so helpful and welcomed with great respect

Every year, in autumn, thousands of workers reach the Non and Sole Valleys for the apple-harvest season. A positive model of integration that deserves to be promoted.

Work with us

Check if there are any positions available in Melinda that might interest you.

Melinda and advertising, from the early beginning to nowadays

Perhaps you have seen the most recent advertising commercials by Melinda, but you probably don’t know our communication history. Always genuine and authentic.

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