Apples and their benefits

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This old saying is today confirmed by the most recent scientific researches. Don’t waste your chance of staying healthy while enjoying this delicious fruit.

Fibres, an elixir for your figure

Apple skin and pulp contain lots of fibres. Discover how these elements help balance your intestinal flora, giving an overall wellness to your entire body and figure. Especially because apples make us feel full, in a pleasant and healthy way.

Very few calories thanks to their healthy sugars

Apples are full of sugar. So why do they have so few calories and help us stay slim? Their secret is in their sugar. On the contrary, to refined sugars and other artificial sweeteners, apple sugars are positively assimilated by our body.

Wellness juices

Fresh apples juices or extracts, combined with other types of fruit or vegetables make very healthy drinks. For a quick snack, or for a happy end to your meal, perfect both for children as adults. The right ingredient for a better quality of life for you and all your family.

Beauty apples

Do you know why apples can be your beauty ally? First of all, because they are rich of antioxidants, that are anti-aging elements. Start eating lots of apples, of all types, it will definitely help your skin and appearance. Use them also to prepare natural cosmetic products. Here are some simple beauty recipes with apples, for your face, body and hair.

Vinegar, your health and beauty elixir

Apple vinegar has a very delicate taste and has many therapeutic uses. It’s very rich in mineral salts and helps accelerate metabolism, so your body can burn more calories. It is used by the cosmetic industry, especially for hair-care products.

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