P.D.O. since 2003

When origin makes the difference. Since 2003, the European Union has awarded our Golden Delicious, Red Delicious and Renetta Canada della Val di Non apples with the P.D.O. – Protected Designation of Origin –certification.

Non Valley, the first Italian P.D.O

The Golden Delicious, Red Delicious and Renetta Canada della Val di Non have been the first Italian apples to receive the seal by the supreme European authority for the protection of quality of agricultural products and traditional food specialities. This is the further proof that apples from the Non Valley are a unique and typical product. Cultivated by thousands of small farms, respecting traditional rules, that have always distinguished this valley, famous throughout the world for its apples.

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Disciplinary production code for the three P.D.O. Mela della Val di Non apples

The P.D.O. Mela Val di Non seal is reserved exclusively for the Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Renetta del Canada apples cultivated in the Non Valley that are:

  • Premium category
  • Are above the standards for crunchiness and sugar/natural acids established by the Disciplinary production code approved by E.C.

Besides the quality of the apples (minimum standards of sugars, acidity and pureness), the Disciplinary production code P.D.O. Mela Val di Non also regulates the quantity of fruit produced (maximum yield/hectare) and the maximum number of trees/hectare

Protection of the Origin, Environment, Consumer

P.D.O. Mela della Val di Non apples are cultivated in a restricted area, located on the north-west part of the province of Trento. For centuries, this area located between 450 and 1000 meters of altitude and characterized by outstanding climatic conditions and type of land, has been particularly suitable for apple farming.

In order to protect the environment, Melinda Consortium’s farmers that are part of the Protection Consortium must respect the Disciplinary code of production of the P.D.O. Mela Val di Non, approved by the European Community and Disciplinary production code of Melinda. Respect of the orchard as essential part of the valley’s ecosystem; Integrated Farming; diversified picking according to the characteristics of the orchard; manual packaging of the apples.

For consumer protection our products are certified by the CSQA (Agri-food quality certification system) the certifying authority approved by MiPAF – the Italian Ministry of Agriculture.

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