Melinda’s Stories

Melinda is not just apples. Melinda is especially people. Each with their own stories, made of a past, a present and a future. Stories that tell about a community that has built its history and identity around the cultivation of its generous fruits. Melinda’s stories date back to the turn of the last century, when the introduction of apple farming saved our

valleys from an increasing depopulation. Our stories talk about the fundamental role that women have had and still have today, in this development; they also testify the importance and the quality of our hospitality towards foreign workers; and they look ahead, with the enthusiasm of the new generation of farmers of our Consortium.

Story and Traditions

The history of apple farming in the Trentino valleys: from the risk of poverty, depopulation and emigration to the wealth of a proud territory

Youth and Agricolture

Growing apples in the Non and Sole Valleys in Trentino is an exciting job even for young people. Here are the words of the young farmers of Melinda Consortium

Women and Apples

Women are fundamental for Melinda’s apple farming business: in the fields, for the processing and in the families, women are necessary and appreciated

An Integration Model

Seasonal apple harvesting in Trentino attracts many foreign workers, welcomed and housed thanks to a successful model of integration

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