Foreign pickers, precious and welcomed with respect

Every year, in autumn, thousands of workers reach the Non and Sole Valleys for the apple-harvest season. Discover a positive model of integration that deserves to be promoted.

raccoglitore straniero melinda

Welcomed in homes

They are 90% of all seasonal workers. They are hired for pruning, thinning out and most of all for harvesting. They mainly come from Eastern countries. They are young (44% are under 30 years old) with 20% women. They are truly necessary for the valley’s economy.

But where are they hosted? This is the most interesting part of the story. Apple-farms and the families of our valleys have organized dedicated housing areas within their homes and properties for the incoming working force. They guarantee adequate, dignified and comfortable housing for the workers.

As time goes by, working side by side and eating every day at the same table, you create solid relationships that become stronger in the years, therefore establishing a long-lasting and trustworthy cooperation.

A successful integration

Welcoming and comfortable housing, adequate and dependable working conditions: a story of integration that perhaps our discreet farmers don’t like to boast, but should be deeply proud of. This is the reason we are telling you this story now.