MelaSì, good inside and very convenient

The intelligent apples. MelaSì apples have the same taste of Melinda apples, but because of their slightly spotted outside they are sold at an amazingly convenient price.

MelaSì, unbeatable value for money

Different only in the appearance and in price. MelaSì is a real Melinda that doesn’t reach the aesthetic standards for the famous Melinda blue seal, reserved only of extra-premium apples. But MelaSì apples grow on the same mountains, same trees and same branches of any Melinda apple. Cultivation follows the same Disciplinary code, by the same farmers that grow all Melinda apples and with the same passion and knowledge. MelaSì gives you the opportunity of serving on your table quality apples, at an affordable price. They are immediately recognizable by the red “MelaSì” seal on a yellow background, and by the same coloured packaging.

MelaSì apples are available in the Golden, Red, Renetta, Gala, Fuji, Evelina and other new varieties. MelaSì apples are slightly spotted on the outside for natural reasons, such as freeze, hail, strong wind etc, but they are perfect in the inside.

Melinda Green, the fresher and lighter Golden Melinda

If you like top quality fruit, but you’re particularly focused on the nutritional characteristics of food, this is your perfect “break”, very fresh with very few calories. Melinda Green is a particular selection of Golden Melinda, with a fresher and lighter taste thanks to its less sugar content. Melinda Green has a light green colour with a tapered shape, a juicy, solid pulp and a refreshing taste. You can recognize it for its white seal with “Melinda” written in blue and “Green” printed in light green.

Melinda® Reddy: Red Delicious, Fuji or Gala with less sugar

Less calories, more convenience! Melinda Reddy apples are selected and certified by Melinda to be more convenient and with less calories. Melinda Reddy apples (Red Delicious, Fuji or Gala) have a less intense colour because they are grown on the inner and more protected branches of the orchard. For their minor sun exposure, they develop a minor level of sugar, maintain a more refreshing taste, and are sold at a more convenient price. You can recognize them for their pink seal with “Melinda” written in blue and “Reddy” printed in white.

The quality of Melinda, every day on your table


One Melinda pulls the other … did you know that Melinda is not only apples? With the same quality and taste guaranteed by the Consortium, also our Melinda Cherries, Strawberries and Forest fruit.

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Apples everywhere and anytime. From snacks to the famous strudel, to vinegar all under Melinda brand. Products that carry apples in their hearts to give you the quality and distinctive taste of our apples from Trentino.

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