We are getting ready to give you the best welcome in our Melinda world. A completely renewed MondoMelinda Shop is almost here. A visiting center where you will be able to purchase all year around the fruits and products produced by the Melinda Consortium, and experience the world behind every Melinda apple arriving on your table. In the meanwhile, don’t run out of the apples you love, come to our temporary shop.

Visit MondoMelinda

MondoMelinda is the visitors’ centre of Melinda Consortium. It’s the place where you can discover the secrets behind the wonderful taste of our apples. Book your visit, and satisfy any question you have regarding our apples, their conservation and the processing methods used by our cooperatives. You can also satisfy your palate by tasting all the varieties of Melinda apples (according to seasonal availability), our Apple juice, our snacks and on demand, our typical apple dessert, the Apple strudel.

MondoMelinda gives you also the opportunity of purchasing your favourite apples, Melinda products and all our apple products, all year around.

Book your guided tour by contacting MondoMelinda by phone or by email. During the tour you will watch a short video explaining step-by-step, the care and passion that our farmers have for their land and their apples. Then the visit continues inside the packaging centre of Cocea cooperative, one of the most innovative processing centres in Europe.


Starting from December 1st, our MondoMelinda shop will undergo a complete renovation. For this reason, it has been transferred in a Temporary Shop next to the entrance of the underground parking on the south side of the Cocea Cooperative. Visits to the processing area of the Cocea plant will not be available approximately until March 2024. The Golden Theatre will be accessible again starting from end of January, and will be located next to the Temporary Shop.


Opening hours:

from Tuesday to Sunday. Hours: 8.30 am – 12.30 am and 3.00 pm – 7.00 pm

Segno di Predaia (TN)
via della Cooperazione, 21
Phone +39 0463.469299
email: [email protected]