A great family

We are a consortium (not a Limited Company and not even to mention, a multinational company) that produces over 400,000 tons of apples in the Non and Sole Valleys. A big family of over 4000 families of member-farmers, divided into 16 cooperatives, that live and cultivate apple-farms in the Noce Valleys (Non and Sole Valleys). These families of farmers are the seal of quality and sustainability of our fruit. Apples are not like wine, cheese, or other food industries.

An apple must be good straight from the tree, and can’t become good in any other way. The taste and crunchiness of our apples starts in our orchards, thanks to the care and work of our family-farms. Melinda consortium takes care of the organization and management of all the post-picking steps (stocking, refrigerated storage, selection, packaging, distribution, promotion, sale, administration, purchasing, human resources…).


Melinda Consortium – all the reasons why

«It was not always so», tells us Paolo Gerevini, General Director of Melinda. « Melinda Consortium was created in 1989 and it’s the result of a long and not always simple path, that has brought together many single producers, or very small cooperatives which were in competition one with each other. The intent was to give maximum value to a product with truly outstanding characteristics». After all, consumers have always recognized that our apples are extremely good. «So good, that many competitors copied us and reclaimed the same origin of their products even if they weren’t grown in the Non Valley. This generated the need for a brand and a trademark, and Melinda was a very happy insight, memorable and easily associated to a top quality and genuine product». Today Melinda is renowned and appreciated all over the world, but we cannot rest on our laurels: «The risk arrives from the wide offer coming from other countries that have recently faced the apple farming business. Our answer is a richer product range with new varieties meeting the market trends. Once more, we stand out for our quality, but always supporting the economic return of our member-farmers».


The corporate mission of Melinda

We are committed in growing our fruit orchards and caring for our land with natural methods. In this way we can grow quality fruit that will fully satisfy our consumers and clients, therefore generate a sustainable revenue for our Farmers.  This commitment is clearly stated in our Statute. If you wish to know more about it, download an extract of the Statute of the Consortium.

Melinda Consortium also enforces a Workplace Safety and Health Guideline, which is in the process of being certified. The objective is to reduce the risk of accidents and professional illnesses through the active involvement of all the employees and staff of Melinda Consortium.

Members’ thoughts

The farmers of Non and Sole Valleys tell us their passions, emotions, love and daily commitment to give you always the best.

  • Gino and Maria: «We cultivate goodness and beauty»
  • Lara, Marco, Samuel and Aaron: «Good apples thanks to a unique (ALT one and only) environment and to the love of many families»
  • Denis: «Inside our hard work there is the smile that comes by looking at our apples»
  • Teresa: «Bread, Love and Melinda Apples»
  • Rossella: «Melinda apples, a blend of competence, knowledge and care»
  • Davide: «Apples… a passion and goodness to be handed down»
  • Martino: «We live in the perfect valley for apple farming»,
  • Violetta: «This apple is as precious as the hands that grow it»
  • Claudio: «Passion even after a long day of hard work»
  • Amira: «Our happiness is cultivating with love apples for all of you»
  • Franco: «Sun, pure water and fresh air are the ingredients of my work»
  • Silvano: «We are not afraid of changes because we have deep roots»
  • Luigino: «I love my land; I cultivate Melinda»
  • Bruno, Dora, Pio: «Apples, passions binding generations»