Living a good life: Non Valley farmhouses, Melinda ambassadors

Visit Non and Sole Valleys and discover the best of our valleys’ traditions. Following is a special selection of the farmhouses available on our territory. Places where you will feel at home and enjoy the scents and tastes of our land. Touch the map to select a farmhouse

Our list of farmhouses

Visit our Non and Sole Valleys

Team work

Agritur Melinda Ambassadors is the result of the cooperation between Melinda Consortium and the most important Tourist institutions in Trentino (la Strada della mela, APT Val di Non and Associazione Agriturismo Trentino).

Where work and taste meet

Our farmhouses are the emblem of the welcoming spirit of our apple-farms and of the brand Melinda. An extraordinary example of integration between farming and tourism.

Protecting nature

Every Melinda Agritur Ambassador gives particular care both to his clients’ needs as to the environment. Everything is organized in the respect of nature, and the structures themselves have a very low impact on the surrounding territory.

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