Visit our Non and Sole Valleys

Visit with us the land where apples and farmers share the same genuine, wholesome and strong environment, and have the same healthy red cheeks.

The Territory of Melinda

Protected by mountain chains, it’s the ideal environment for growing our apples and our families. Come and visit our natural paradise that we love and protect so much.

Farmhouses Val di Non, ambassadors of Melinda

Visit the Non and Sole Valleys and discover the special selection of farmhouses available in our territory. Places that will make you feel good and appreciate the scents and tastes of these valleys.

Sustainable production by Melinda

Since it’s also their homeland, Melinda apple-farmers naturally prefer cultivation methods that are in harmony with their territory. In addition, consumers take great advantage from these good practices. These are the reasons why.

Discover our hypogeal cells

There is no other place that our apples enjoy more than staying under the roots of the trees where they have grown to become a Melinda apple. Discover a masterpiece of brilliance, engineering and sustainability.

Come visit Mondo Melinda and enjoy our Golden Theatre

Melinda Consortium Visitors Centre will satisfy any curiosity regarding apples, apple-farming and all the production phases. In addition, you can enjoy a virtual journey of the only apples preserved in underground cells.

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