Freshness to bite

«We have been growing Evelina apples since 2015. This apple has found on our mountains its ideal habitat: a land rich of minerals and sparkly fresh air. Why is it so special? Because it always tastes as if freshly picked, so juicy, fresh and crunchy».
Flavio Pilati, farmer from Campo Tassullo, district of  Villa D’Anaunia


Taste it

Fresh taste, with a good balance between sweet and sour. Melinda Evelina is great eaten fresh, with the skin (it just needs to be rinsed in water) or peeled. You can also enjoy it as a drink, with celery and ginger, or …

When is it available?

In the wintertime, you can store Evelina apples at room temperature, in a paper bag. In the summer…

What does it look like?

Smooth skin with colour shades going from intense orange to bright red. Round shape, cream coloured pulp, always crunchy and juicy. You can recognize it because…

Why is it so special?

Evelina is the first Club apple distributed and sold by Melinda, starting from 2015. This variety of apple has found its ideal habitat in the Non and Sole Valleys. Following this first successful story, Melinda will soon add more new varieties to its product range, such as …

The quality of Melinda, every day on your table


One Melinda pulls the other … did you know that Melinda is not only apples? With the same quality and taste guaranteed by the Consortium, also our Melinda Cherries, Strawberries and Forest fruit.


Melinda recipes

With Melinda apples, you can prepare many delicious recipes, from the super-classic apple cake and Trentino apple strudel, to fresh and innovative creations, both sweet and savoury.

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All the goodness contained in Melinda apples can be easily available at any moment of the day. Try them at home and outdoors, in bars, sticks, juices, mousses and lot more. Purchase online the authentic Melinda goodness!


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