The corporate responsibility of Melinda

If you care about corporate responsibility, you will be happy to know that Melinda has a leading role in this issue. We care for the environment and our territory not only in terms of nature but

in general, also for the population that lives in the Noce Valleys in Trentino. These are the foundations of any social activity operated by Melinda Consortium.

Respect of the environment, our basic value

«Care for the environment has always been in Melinda’s DNA, and it couldn’t be different since nature is what confers such quality to our apples», says Andrea Fedrizzi, Marketing Manager at Melinda. «Our respect involves every production phase. From the land, for example, where all farmers have introduced drip irrigation, which helps save up 50% water per year, to the photovoltaic systems used by the cooperatives for the selection and conservation activities. To not mention our world exclusive project for the storage of apples in an underground environment. 32 cells inside the Dolomia rock, that allows great energy saving and decrease of CO2 emissions, with a substantial reduction of traditional warehouses so impactful on the environment».

Enhancing the territory and sponsorships

Melinda is strongly committed to its territory, Trentino, and the sponsorships of activities and events, of local teams and athletes are the demonstration. In addition, Melinda supports many social enterprises such as “Spicchi di Vita per San Patrignano”, fighting any type of addiction, or #Dedicamela, a project helping the Italian regions and their population who suffered from the 2016 earthquake. Moreover, every year on November 25th, Melinda Consortium dresses in red to shout its NO to violence and discrimination against women within their working environments, families and society itself. After all, 900 women work in Melinda, 75% of the entire working power. Therefore, Melinda’s efforts are not all devoted to their territory, Trentino, but also to a social and cultural growth of all Italian society standing up for the more needy and fragile part of the population.

Supporting sports

Melinda is also very close to the sports world. It couldn’t be anything else since apples and fruit are closely related with health and wellness,and they are among the top choices of food by athletes. Therefore, we cannot be surprised if Melinda is a regular sponsor of sports events and athletes, especially local champions and traditional sports connected to the Trentino region. Cycling, running, volleyball, athletics, basketball are just a few of the numerous sports supported by Melinda. Among the world’s most famous events, which take place every year in the Non Valley, there are the Marcialonga, a Nordic ski competition, and the Ciaspolada, the most important non-competitive snowshoe race in Italy. We must mention even the many local events supporting the region’s economic, social and cultural development.

Our passion for cycling

Melinda has a long tradition in cycling, starting from the historical Melinda Trophy, which in 2015 merged into the Giro del Trentino, and in 2017 in the Tour of the Alps, a euro-regional race that has gained international interest for the spectacular nature of the race and the beauty of the location.


Aquila Basket and Trentino Volley

Melida is also sponsor of two teams:  Aquila Basket Trento, who is brilliantly playing in the Italian major league, while Melinda’s seal can be seen on the shirts of the Trentino Volley Diatec, one of the winning Italian volley teams. Respect for the environment, support for the territory’s sports events, love for a healthy and active lifestyle, sharing and conviviality meant as the highest level of solidarity: these are the values, that have always driven, and always will drive, the sports sponsorship activities of Melinda Consortium.