The historical orchard of Cles

Right in town, close to the woods, the Historical Orchard wants to preserve the cultural and agricultural heritage of the ancient varieties of fruit of our valleys. 80 types of apples, 12 types of pears in an enchanted garden with the scent of the past.

The ancient varieties of fruit from our Valleys

If you love our apples and our territory, or just simply appreciate beautiful things, don’t miss our Historical Orchard in Cles. Right next to the woods, we cultivate the more ancient varieties of apples and pears. The ones that our grandparents remember for their taste and scent, the ones that remind them of their childhood, and were running the risk of disappearing forever.

The orchard was created in 2008 by the Municipality of Cles, in cooperation with the Agricultural Institute of S. Michele all’Adige (now called Fondazione Edmund Mach), with Melinda and with the precious contribution of many volunteers. The Historical Orchard wants to preserve the agricultural and cultural heritage of the ancient varieties of fruit of the Noce Valleys. Have you ever heard about the Renetta Champagne apple? Or have you ever tasted a Bella di Boskoop apple? Can you guess if the Bona Luigia is an apple or a pear? At the Historical Orchard, you can learn how to recognize them and discover lots of interesting things about the fruit heritage of our territory.

Tour and activities

At the present time, there are in the orchard approximately 80 varieties of apples and 12 of pears. All plants have rootstocks originating from seeds, this means that the trees will become very large like in the old times.

We organize many activities for our visitors, from the tour of the orchard with a farmer-guide to apple-tasting groups. For further information contact ApT Val di Non – the Non Valley tourist office – phone number: 0463 830133 – [email protected]

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