The other apples

Besides the 6 most cultivated types, Melinda has a wide and rich range of apples, including the more ancient ones for those who love a more traditional taste.

The other apples

Besides the 6 most cultivated types, Melinda has a wide and rich range of apples, including the more ancient ones for those who love a more traditional taste.

Pinova, the fresh one

Created from the combination of two different varieties: Golden Delicious and Clivia – very sweet and with a high content of natural sugars. Pinova Melinda is ideal for health conscious people, because it contains important nutritional elements, like mineral salts and trace elements, but tasty and a joy for the palate for “sweet tooths” of all ages.

You can recognize it for its yellow-greenish colour, with red-orange streaks and its tapered shape, slightly pointy on the top. Solid, juicy and crunchy pulp, with a sweet, rich and aromatic taste due to its high sugar content, but with a light acidic touch.

Morgenduft, the sweet and tart one

Its name literally means “morning freshness”. Try giving a bite right after awakening, it will feel like morning dew and give you the right start for the day. Melinda Morgenduft has a distinctive sweet and tart taste, particularly appreciated by those who prefer a more acidic feeling. Streaked with different shades of red, on a yellow background. Round, slightly pressed on the top and rather big, with a smooth and compact skin. The pulp is white and fine, ideal for delicious juice extracts and tasty applesauce.

Bella di Boskoop, the ancient one

A taste coming from the past, on today’s tables. Regardless its name, Melinda Bella di Boskoop (Beauty of Boskoop) is not one of the most beautiful apples. However, its appearance hides a unique taste, acidic and sugary at the same time. Right from the first bite, its scented fragrance will bring you back in time. It’s considered an historical apple, with a rustic look, grown by the more elderly farmers that esteem the traditions of the Noce Valleys. It contains double the content of Vitamin C compared to a Golden delicious apple, and for its nutritional characteristics, it is particularly indicated for diabetic patients. You can enjoy it fresh but it’s also excellent baked.

Gloster, the strong one

From the Noce Valleys a strong, generous and good apple. Red like cheeks in a cold winter day. Melinda Gloster is a valid opponent to the late spring freezes, thanks to its strong buds, anchored to the tree. It’s used to fighting against climate and its trees are always healthy and generous. You can recognize it for its yellow-green crunchy and full-bodied pulp, in sharp contrast with the intense red colour of its skin.

Stayman, the aromatic one

Sweet and tart taste, with a pleasant aroma, juicy, almost sparkly. Real apple fans love it for its nutritional and organoleptic characteristics. Melinda Stayman Winesap has a relaxing effect, thanks to its high content of magnesium, zinc and tartaric acid. Enjoy it in the evening as an after-dinner snack, it will improve your sleep. Green-yellow with a touch of red. Slightly rounded and asymmetric, rough and thick skin, white-cream coloured pulp, crumbly and soft with light green nuances.

Jonagold, the beautiful one

As beautiful as good. Its intense red and yellow colours tell us that this apple is very special and extremely tasty.  Cultivated in the two Noce Valleys, the Non and Sole Valleys, Melinda Jonagold is created by the combination of a Jonathan and a Golden Delicious apple, from which it takes its name. Yellow-green with red-orange streaks, rounded shape, soft and yellowish pulp, very juicy and pleasantly scented. The right balance between sugar and acids confer it its characteristic fresh and slightly tart taste. Perfect for delicious juices.

Granny Smith, the sporty one

Irresistible colour and unique taste. Melinda Granny Smith, the famous “green apple”, is one of the most ancient apples. Named after its discoverer, Mrs. Smith. For its low sugar content and very acidic taste, it’s considered the dietetic apple par excellence. Rich in potassium therefore excellent for athletes. It ripens late in the season, around mid-October and its fruits can be stored for a long time. Intense, thick green skin with small white spots. Truncated-cone shape, medium-large size, crunchy and solid pulp, but its most remarkable characteristic is its typically acidic, extra-juicy and fresh taste.

Braeburn, the versatile one

Tart and sweet, Melinda Braeburn is the combination between a Granny Smith and a Lady Hamilton apple. It maintains the characteristics of both varieties, making it the ideal ingredient for many recipes, from an apple-walnut salad or in the company of a semi-aged cheese. The skin is compact with red streaks on a yellow-green background. Round shape, firm and consistent pulp at every bite with an aromatic taste where sweetness and tartness are perfectly balanced. Great eaten fresh with all its skin, but also suitable for cooking because heat doesn’t alter its shape.

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