Anti-aging polyphenols

When you eat apples, you fill up in polyphenols. What are they? Polyphenols are anti-aging elements (antioxidants) that are assimilated in very small quantity. For this reason, a daily consumption

of fresh fruit and vegetables is highly recommended. Apples are a perfect natural dietary supplement; no artificial supplement can obtain their same effect in one pill, and gratify your senses and palate in the same way.

Renetta, the richest of all

Among apples, Renetta apples are the ones that contain most polyphenols of all. They can contain 212 mg/100 g, much more than any other variety of apples or other type of fruit. Two Renetta apples a day (250 g each) can guarantee the recommended daily intake of antioxidants, fibres and fructose, with very few calories (45/100g)! Moreover, Renetta apples don’t lose their polyphenols during cooking, therefore maintaining their salutary properties. So use Renetta apples for all your apple-recipes, from apple pies to a delicious apple-strudel.

Make your litmus test

Would you like to make a test? Cut in half a Renetta apple and look at its pulp. You will notice that it will become dark much faster than any other apple. This is the proof of its higher level of polyphenols. In fact, their chemical structure causes a faster oxidation process. To avoid this anaesthetic process (which remember is the tangible proof of the healthiness of this apple) just pour some lemon, or orange or pineapple juice over the pieces of fruit.