The best cherries are named after our apples

What makes Melinda Cherries so special? Our territory of course, a land with a strong vocation for the cultivation of late-season cherries. Then Melinda puts the rest, following every step from the plant to the table. During growth and ripening, Melinda cherries are protected from climatic hardship and cracks with canvases over 100% of the cultivated surface. Once picked, their quality is preserved with state of the art equipment like the Hydrocooler (a system capable of refrigerating the cherries very quickly, in order to maintain their original freshness), or like the Cherry Unitec Technology, an exclusive system that monitors inner and outer quality of the fruit. In conclusion, we work to let you have only excellent cherries on your table. You can choose the variety you like best. From mid-June to the beginning of August, our valleys offer four types of Cherries, all different and all special. These are the 4 varieties of Cherries that the Melindati Valleys offer every summer. You can find them in the stores from the beginning of July to the end of August.

A brilliant dark red cherry with the typical heart shape. Kordia is definitely the most attractive of all Melinda Cherries. You won’t hesitate a second before tasting their crunchy and very sweet pulp. Picking season goes from the end of June to the end of July.
Intense red coloured cherry that dicloses a lighter shade in the pulp. Heart shaped, with a perfectly balanced taste, not too sweet not too tart. Picking season goes from mid-June to the beginning of July.
Regina is a particularly resistant cherry, crunchy and juicy. Similar to the Kordia Cherry, intense red and high sugar content, but it differs in the shape, slightly elongated and for its natural fresh taste. Picking season goes from the beginning of July to the beginning of August.
Durone 3 is the Melinda Cherry with the lightest shade of red, and regardless its name, which in Italian means extra-strong, it’s the cherry with the most tender pulp. Try it, its sweetness will conquer you palate. Picking season goes from mid-June to mid-July.

And we have Strawberries and
Forest fruit too!

Melinda Strawberries

Scented, juicy and round. They are the fruit of the hard work and care of the over 4,000 families of Melinda Consortium. Inside they have all the natural freshness of their wonderful territory. Available from June to September.

Melinda Raspberries, the scent of Trentino

If you love Raspberries, with Melinda you will love them even more! Their enchanting sweet-tart flavour is a further proof of the unique quality that characterises our valley’s fruit. Let their red brilliant colour catch your eyes, but Melinda Raspberries will conquer your palate too. They will amaze you in many different ways; they are the perfect ingredient for herbal teas and delicious jams. Available from the end of June to September.

Our Blackberries, our love

Melinda Blackberries can be recognized by the unique taste of the Chester variety, the late-ripening blackberry cultivated by the families of the Consortium. They are good eaten fresh or as decoration on cakes, pies, yogurt or ice-cream, or used for jams, fruit gelatine, syrups or to flavour liqueurs. Available from July to late autumn.

Good and healthy, Melinda Currants

Red or White, but always famous for their unmistakable tart and refreshing taste. The perfect partner for both taste and health. Great in desserts, in a mousse or in a fruit salad, or as decoration on the most refined dishes and cakes. You can also use them for syrups or refreshing juices. Available from July to September.

Italian Blueberries, join the cause of goodness!

Selected by Melinda for forest fruit lovers that wish to enjoy a complete mix of the best berries. 100% Italian blueberries purchased by Melinda Consortium to integrate their local production of raspberries, blackberries and currants. Very tasty and excellent in size, with a firm and crunchy pulp, and sweet and tart taste. You can enjoy them fresh or use them for delicious jams or juices. Available from June to September.

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Apples everywhere and anytime. From snacks to the famous strudel, to vinegar all under Melinda brand. Products that carry apples in their hearts to give you the quality and distinctive taste of our apples from Trentino.

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