Modern since the 1800s

«My father used to grow them, and my grandfather before him. Today, my brother and I bring on this tradition of this ever-loved apple. Especially appreciated by health-conscious customers because it’s naturally rich of polyphenols; by gourmets because it’s the perfect baking apple; by food connoisseurs for its surprising taste.».
Mario Penasa, farmer from San Giacomo di Val di Sole


Taste it

The good news is that Renetta apples maintain their precious antioxidants even after cooking. In fact, Renetta apples are the best cooking apples. A must for the original apple cake and traditional apple strudel. A little hint: if you think that baked apples are a bit depressing, just core a Renetta and put a cinnamon stick and lemon zest in its place, sprinkle with sugar, water and white wine. Bake at 200°C for an hour. You will definitely change your mind …».

When is it available?

Renetta apples store better than any other apple. Did you know that when they lose a bit of their crunchiness they actually give their best?

What does it look like?

Yellow-green colour, with an irregular rounded shape, rough and wrinkly grain, with small spots and with a short and thick stem. The pulp is a creamy white colour, soft and pulpy, and not very juicy. But perhaps you didn’t know that ….

Why is it so special?

Renetta apples (also called Renetta del Canada) is one of the oldest varieties still available today. Do you know where its name comes from?

The quality of Melinda, every day on your table


One Melinda pulls the other … did you know that Melinda is not only apples? With the same quality and taste guaranteed by the Consortium, also our Melinda Cherries, Strawberries and Forest fruit.


Melinda recipes

With Melinda apples, you can prepare many delicious recipes, from the super-classic apple cake and Trentino apple strudel, to fresh and innovative creations, both sweet and savoury.

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