Golden Delicious

The most popular

“Val di Non and Golden Delicious apples are a destined couple: the land, the altitude, the temperature range between night and day seem to be especially created for this type of apple that here gives its best, more than in any other place in the world”.

Luigi, farmer from Livo (High Non Valley)


Taste it

A balanced taste, sweetly tart. At breakfast, you can enjoy it in a fresh smoothie, or feel its crunchiness at the end of your meal, or for a healthy snack. But it will give its best diced into a colourful fruit salad it with …

When is it available?

During wintertime you can store it at room temperature in the classic brown paper bag, so to preserve it from excessive dampness. During the summer …

What does it look like?

From green to deep yellow, rounded shape, smooth skin, cream coloured pulp, with a firm, crunchy and juicy consistency. Do you know that …

Why is it so special?

Golden apples are Italy’s most popular apples, besides the most common apple throughout the country. Do you know how many we eat each year?

The quality of Melinda, every day on your table


One Melinda pulls the other … did you know that Melinda is not only apples? With the same quality and taste guaranteed by the Consortium, also our Melinda Cherries, Strawberries and Forest fruit.


Melinda recipes

With Melinda apples, you can prepare many delicious recipes, from the super-classic apple cake and Trentino apple strudel, to fresh and innovative creations, both sweet and savoury.

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All the goodness contained in Melinda apples can be easily available at any moment of the day. Try them at home and outdoors, in bars, sticks, juices, mousses and lot more. Purchase online the authentic Melinda goodness!


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