Apple fibres, a panacea

Apple skin and pulp are full of fibres. When you eat an apple, fibres pass through your body without being assimilated, while still providing their protective action. Discover how this can happen.

The benefits of pectin

Pectin is the most important fibre contained in apples. It adds up to approximately 26 per cent of the overall fibres and plays a very important role. In fact, pectin becomes a gelatine mass inside our intestine, that traps sugars and helps regulate their absorption. This explains why if you eat an apple at every meal you can lower the glycaemic peak in your blood. What does this actually mean? It means that your sugar level doesn’t rise to the stars transforming itself into fat.

Overall, when the pectin transits through your intestine, the good microorganisms that are part of the floral bacteria happily welcome it. Pectin is a nutritional element for the floral bacteria and therefore they multiply themselves, providing a positive effect to your stomach and to all your body.

Fibres “the garbage collectors”

Besides pectin, which is a soluble fibre, apples contain also insoluble fibres like cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin. They absorb the water and gasses produced by the intestine, increasing the volume of the faeces, quickening their transit through the last section of the intestine. What does this mean for us? A nice flat belly without any bloating.

Slimmer with apples

Can an apple help us be fit and slim? The answer is yes. 50 calories for 100 g is just one of the reasons. Golden apples and Renetta apples make you feel full thanks its high content of fibres. Moreover, their high level of water provides a diuretic effect (i.e. they help you eliminate any excess liquid in your body) making you feel lighter especially if you suffer from swollen legs.

Apples also help balance our floral bacteria, therefore have a dominant action in relieving abdominal bloating.

Last but not least, apples give a great “psychological” satisfaction because they require a long “chewing session” and take a long time to be finished. After this long, fulfilling break we usually feel full, thanks also to their high fibre content.