Extremely juicy

«It’s so juicy and its pulp is so refreshing. In October, during harvest time, I used to eat one after another to quench the thirst. Now, I always have one in my pocket for a quick snack ».

Michele Mezzena, farmer from Monclassico

Discover Morgana

Taste it

High in sugar, good level of tartness and hardness. Morgana’s characteristic is definitely its juiciness, which makes it an ideal snack…

When is it available?

Its availability varies from year to year. To the present day, quantity is still limited.

What does it look like?

Morgana is a double-coloured apple, characterized by a bright, natural red colour with yellow shades. Medium-large size.

Why is it so special?

Its extreme juiciness makes Morgana a contemporary product, perfectly aligned with the latest trends: a completely natural eat&drink snack.

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