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Apples everywhere and anytime. From snacks to the famous strudel, to vinegar all under Melinda brand. Consumer products with the distinctive quality and taste of our apples from Trentino.

New challenges and cutting-edge technologies for 100% natural products

At the end of 2021, Melinda Consortium acquired AD Chini, a market leader in the production of processed fruit products.
Since 2004, Melinda and AD Chini had already established a partnership for the production of Melinda branded fruit mousses, snacks, squeeze smoothies, fruit bars, dried apple sticks and rings. All produced with Melinda apples, 100% natural, healthy, light and fully cross-target products.

Innovative technologies for 100% natural products. This is and will always be the secret of all processed Melinda products. Our fixed idea is to maintain 100% of the natural characteristics of our products. Daily fresh apples, immediately processed, without any refrigeration nor additives thanks to the use of innovative technologies.
Would you like a few examples? Melemangio, apple rings dehydrated at very low temperature, in order to maintain all the organoleptic qualities of the apples, while guaranteeing and absolute crunchiness.
Or like in our Tenerosnack, delicious apple cubes, with no artificial nor natural thickening agents. The apple cubes are dehydrated and rehydrated for a natural cohesive process.
Our Più che Mela apple mousses have an extra-rich fiber content thanks to the use of processed apple skins. No added ingredients, just our Melinda apples, so besides being a very healthy snack, our mousse is also extra-tasty.

The ambition of the new management is to further invest in the sector of processed fruit products, starting from these successful products, that our consumers have recognized as a healthy and tasty alternative to more common snacks. Our intention is to broaden the offer of processed products based on our Melinda apples, therefore enhancing the added value of our premium quality apples.

Mousse Melinda

A completely natural apple mousse, without preservatives and food colouring, and no added sugar. Produced exclusively with top quality Melinda apples. Besides the regular apple flavour, they come in 12 different combinations of fruit and 4 organic varieties. This product has received the prestigious 2018 Quality award, appointed after rigorous sensory tests performed by independent and specialized laboratories.

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Più che Mela Melinda

100% purée with a high fibre content, combined with other fruit purées and pieces of premium fruit, in six different varieties. The product’s fibres are obtained directly from the peels; this is why in the ingredient list you won’t find the words “fibres added”. The result is a 100% natural and whole product, with no preservatives and no added sugar.

Melamangio Melinda

Crunchy chips, also in organic version, and sticks made exclusively from top quality and certified Melinda Golden Delicious apples. The apples are peeled, cored, sliced and dried at low temperature without any frying. In this way, they can maintain all the characteristics of fresh fruit, without adding any preservatives or sugar. They come is single 20 g. packs, with “freshness seal”, with a completely recyclable packaging.

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Tenero snack Melinda

A tasty, soft and healthy snack, Tenero snack is a new arrival in the Melinda family. Made with 100% fruit, low-cal, approx. 70 calories, in six different flavours. Produced with an innovative technology patented by AD Chini, which doesn’t require the use of any gumming agent like honey, chocolate, date paste, figs or added sugar. Therefore, the snack remains soft, healthy, light, gluten-free and with no preservatives.

Squeez Melinda

Apple and other fruit purées, in a soft pack that can be squeezed directly in the mouth. Available in four different flavours: Golden Delicious Apple, Apple and Strawberry, Apple and Pear, Apple and Tropical fruit. Ideal for small children, and ready-to-use even outdoors. Rich in fibres, mineral salts and vitamins, without added sugar, flavourings and preservatives. Sold in an apple shaped pack, with reclosable, anti-choking top.

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Our cooperation with Grazia dei Surgelati

Traditional Trentino strudel and the art of pastry of Grazia dei Surgelati, a local company based in Pietramurata (TN) together with Melinda premium quality apples, for a delicious dessert. Practical, very quick to prepare, made with healthy and genuine ingredients.

Melinda Apple strudel

Our strudel is made only with Trentino apples following the original recipe signed by the pastry chef Giuliano Graziadei. You can choose between the frozen – ready to cook Strudel Melinda Premium, or the ready to serve – shortcrust Melinda Apple Strudel. The family line is completed by the small size strudels, also with forest fruit filling, and by our Melamore Crumble.

Melamore Crumble Melinda

Melamore Melinda is a creamy dessert made with 82% apples. It’s a delicious combination between the crunchiness of a crumble and the softness of a fruit purée. It has no chemical preservatives or flavourings, just apples, sugar, flour, butter and lemon juice. You can enjoy it either warm or cold, in every moment of the day.


The cooperation with Acetum

Two specialists for a pure fresh apple vinegar: Melinda, the apple specialist, and Acetum, leader in the production of Igp Balsamic Vinegar from Modena. Two territories, two traditions, two experiences, but above all two leaders, Melinda apples and Acetum apple vinegar. This is how the Melinda Apple Vinegar was created.

Melinda Apple Vinegar

Melinda Apple Vinegar is produced from pure, fresh Melinda apples. Delicate and fresh taste with a slight acidic note. The product line includes our organic Melinda Bio Apple Vinegar, 100% apple juice from our controlled agri-food chain; the Organic Apple Vinegar Glaze, that maintains all the healthy properties of the “mother” of vinegar. Last but not least, our non-filtered Melinda Bio Organic Apple Vinegar, neither filtered nor pasteurized, with its natural mother of vinegar

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Dolcemele Melinda

Today, you can enjoy the taste and quality of Melinda apples even during your journeys by car. In every Autogrill cafes along the Italian highways, you can find “Dolcemele Melinda”, a mini-apple pie made with our “blue seal” apples.

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