Melinda Bio – organic apples and our new range

For over 10 years, Melinda has been sustaining a development plan for organic farming, which in the last period has given unexpected and optimistic results. In addition, Melinda has introduced a new range of more resistant apples that require less “inteference” by man. These new apples are have met the taste of the more curious and food-lover consumers.

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Melinda Bio, organic farming apples

Melinda® Bio apples are cultivated according to the Disciplinary production code for organic farming, which all organic farmers of Melinda Consortium must strictly follow.
Organic cultivations have special reserved areas called “organic islands” (link). In addition, sorting and packaging are done in dedicated centres, respecting the severe processing standards followed for all other Melinda apples.
Melinda Bio apples, are recognizable for their blue seal with “Bio” printed in green. Available varieties: Golden, Red, Fuji, Renetta and Gala.

Bio, the “organic” plan

Starting in 2008, Melinda began to support and increase organic farming for its apples. This program and its subsequent modifications, has brought Melinda in first position for organic farming extension, among Trentino farmers. Beyond the most optimistic plans, this plan is increasing year after year. «At the present time, we are converting over 175 hectares of land and we foresee to reach 500 hectares in the next 5 years (with a yield of approximately 20,000 tons of apples) », confirms Paolo Gerevini, Executive Director of Melinda.
«The Organic Plan of Melinda provides financial support for the members for the creation of new affiliations in order to establish a series of organic-farming districts. In a territory like the Noce valleys, characterized by small farming properties, often distributed far away from each other, it’s not easy for a single farm to operate a conversion to organic agriculture on its own. The creation of “organic islands”, the financial support by the Consortium for the conversion process, the assurance of qualified technical support for the land, the increase of specialized professionals and training for the farmers, is the type of support that really can make the difference».

bio engThe new range

The variety of apples that will be available for Melinda in the next years are generating a positive attitude. The farmers from the Non Valley have already begun to plant new Club varieties, such as Morgana®, Gradisca, Sweetango®, Galant®, Isaaq®, Tessa® and Kissabel®. The latter, famous for its red pulp has been the objective of a market survey, and has received a positive answer by consumers. They appreciated the concept of a beautiful apple, with a unique taste similar to red fruits, with a high nutritional content and healthy, praised especially for its organoleptic characteristics.

Market tests

Prior testing of every new variety is a precise marketing strategy of Melinda in cooperation with CIF (Consortium for Fruit Innovation). They are now testing and evaluating all new Club varieties, in order to verify the level of market acceptance to decide which might guarantee better opportunities for the member-farmers for the future. «Relying on accredited Research Institutes for periodic tests to verify the appreciation of a new product by consumers means having a serious approach towards the market», explains Andrea Fedrizzi, Marketing and Communication manager in Melinda. «We can’t have an absolute certainty of success for all tested varieties, but using this methodology the margin of error can be reduced. Whatever results we obtain from the tests can become useful marketing information that can be used for future promotions, but most of all, they are important to help support the farmers’ choices».

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