The family apple

«Melinda Gala apples are among the first ones to be picked in the Trentino Valleys, and to arrive fresh on your table at the end of August. It’s not a very large apple, the right size for children’s hands, making it one of their favourite varieties».
Matteo Franzoi, technician from Sporminore


Taste it

Thanks to its pleasantly sweet taste, Melinda Gala is the apple for any time of the day. Try it for breakfast in a fruit salad with totally peeled oranges, dried fruit and raisins, or …

When is it available?

For small amounts, you can store them outside of the fridge, because Gala apples are available during the cold season. For large amounts we suggest …

What does it look like?

Light red, deep red, red of any intensity. Elongated and rounded shape with a cream white pulp, but this might change according to the stage of ripening. Discover how…

Why is it so special?

Gala apples come originally from New Zealand, where a farmer named J.H. Kidd created it in the 30’s. Did you know that Gala apples are related to Golden apples?

The quality of Melinda, every day on your table


One Melinda pulls the other … did you know that Melinda is not only apples? With the same quality and taste guaranteed by the Consortium, also our Melinda Cherries, Strawberries and Forest fruit.


Melinda recipes

With Melinda apples, you can prepare many delicious recipes, from the super-classic apple cake and Trentino apple strudel, to fresh and innovative creations, both sweet and savoury.

Melinda Shop

Buy online the authentic Melinda goodness

All the goodness contained in Melinda apples can be easily available at any moment of the day. Try them at home and outdoors, in bars, sticks, juices, mousses and lot more. Purchase online the authentic Melinda goodness!


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