Apples, low-cal thanks to their healthy sugars

Like most fruit, apples are rich in sugars, which amount to approximately 12% of their weight. We find fructose (6%), glucose (2.2%) and sucrose (2.5%). However, this does not necessarily mean that this sugar will transform itself into calories and excess weight. On the contrary, …

Only 50 calories/hectogram

If you are a weight-conscious person you must know that apples offer all their benefits, but with a low calorie intake: hundred grams provide only 50 calories. If you consider that a piece of fruit usually weighs one and a half hectograms, you can easily understand that a Red or Golden apple can be a perfect, light snack or a healthy and happy end to your meal. So why don’t apple sugars transform themselves into calories and extra-weight? Thanks to their fibres, which become a sort of jelly in our stomach and intestine. This gelatine slows down the release of sugars from our food inhibiting their transformation into fat.

Apples and good mood

Fructose contained in apples has a very important action. After eating food containing a high level of natural sugars, like fruit, our brain has a peak of serotonin, a hormone that gives us a feeling of well-being.