Women, the power of Melinda

Let’s listen to the words of the protagonists of the apple culture and agriculture in Trentino. Apple farming, production and family life. Sandra is assistant production manager in the packaging department. She never gets tired of her apples.

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Sandra always thinks about her apples

Women are a resource for Melinda. They mainly work in the apple processing, but they also cover an important role in the member families, where their help during the harvest period is fundamental.

«I come from a family that owned an apple orchard and I’ve always given a hand during the harvest period», tells us Sandra, assistant production manager in the packaging department. «I got a high school diploma in accounting, but my first job, almost 20 years ago, was as a sorter. Since then, I’ve professionally grown, but I’ve always worked with apples». The apple industry is a seasonal job, which closes down for at least 30 days, mainly during the month of July. «The sorting lines which I’m in charge of today have mostly a female working force. Some come from the same family; we can have mothers working with their daughters or their sisters or nieces or granddaughters». Others may come from foreign countries, such as Romania, Albania, Poland or North Africa. «All great workers», assures us Sandra.

Shifts and part-time

When in full regime we have even more than 70 people per shift. The shifts go from 6.45 am to 1 pm and from 1.10 pm to 7.45 pm. This allows or employees to organize themselves and be available for their families. «Without considering that Melinda always gives its female employees the opportunity of working part-time, very helpful especially when you have small kids». If you want to work, the apple industry offers many opportunities, for men and women. «I’ve always worked in a non-biased environment, and I had the chance to seize professional opportunities going from simple sorter to department manager». What do you like about your job? «Smelling the scent of apples even if I’m in front of a PC and the opportunity of interacting with so many people, in a very dynamic environment».