Melinda and advertising, from the early beginning to nowadays

You probably saw the last advertising commercials by Melinda, but perhaps you are not familiar with the history of our communication, always authentic and genuine.

Melinda advertising

Constant improvement of the quality of its apples and communicating it in the most effective way: these are the two great commitments of Melinda Consortium. Spreading the knowledge of its brand and values in Italy and throughout the world with advertising campaigns that have followed the communication trends over the years, but have always maintained the same smiling and friendly tone.

Evelina – 2019

The new TV commercial for Evelina apples wants to position this particular variety for a young and dynamic target. The commercial plays on the organoleptic characteristics of this attractive apple, where every bite is fresh and crunchy as just picked.

The protagonists are two young adults, one is trendy and the other is rock-style. We see them enjoying an Evelina apple during all times of the day. We see a young girl on her bike happily biting into her fresh apple, we read a super: “Sparkly like the air that refreshes it”. Then we see a young man playing his electric guitar and biting into an Evelina apple, with a super saying “Rock like the land that nurtures it”.

The commercial ends with scenes of the cultivated lands, an undisputed asset of Melinda, therefore establishing the relationship between this campaign and the corporate one, on air since October 2018. The commercial ends with the pay-off “Freshness to bite”, a simple and effective line showing Evelina’s main benefit.

The campaign is by Nadler Larimer & Martinelli, advertising agency for the Consortium; production company: The Big Mama.

Di Mela in Mela – 2018

The new corporate commercial for Melinda Consortium is a journey through the Non Valley, revealing how the territory of origin and natural elements like, sun, rain and the wind caressing the apples, are the special ingredients that make Melinda apples so unique. Unique like the people that for centuries have been cultivating these apple-orchards with love and care.

The real protagonist is Melinda – the apple, whose tasty flavour reveals to us all the passion of those who grow it every day, by passing it from “hand to hand”. The film underlines the leadership of Melinda for its good taste and respect for the environment. When you taste a Melinda apple, it’s like tasting the history of its unique valley.

The campaign is by Nadler Larimer & Martinelli; production company; Big Mama; film direction by Carlo Sigon.

All TV commercials on YouTube

Here you can find all the old commercials for Melinda Consortium. A journey through time that allows us to see how advertising language has changed through the years, but at the same time how Melinda’s image has remained consistent. A brand that has always focused on the genuineness of its origins and on the values of its native territory. Always with a polite and friendly smile.