EU/PNRR funding

The PNRR chooses Melinda.

The PNRR has approved an agri-food logistics project created and proposed by Melinda.

Thanks to these funds, a new “Apple cableway” will be running within 2024.

An innovative, sustainable facility designed by the Consortium to transport their apples to the Hypogeal Cells, the natural warehouses in the Val di Non mountains.

In addition, the PNRR funds will finance an energy efficiency system for the cells, using AI algorithms.

Investments and objectives, in a nutshell.

loghi pnrr

The development program proposed by Melinda Consortium of Cooperative Farms, comprises of an investment project for the extension of the production unit in Predaia, in the Trento district. The objective is to increase the storage capacity and fruit product processing. In addition, the program includes an Industrial Research project (IR), for an energy efficiency system for the refrigeration of the apples.

The contribution for the development program amounting to a total of €/000 10.119, and will be entirely used to finance the creation of a cableway connection between the Hypogeal Cells and the Cocea plant (Mondo Melinda). The objective is to decrease CO2 emission by limiting the transport on road. In addition, the project includes the implementation of AI algorithms that will help foresee the amount of energy required by each cell, and therefore, the ideal storage temperature for the fruit.

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